The development of true Self awareness occurs only as a function of developing awareness of the Soul Self

”Healing through awareness is about moving into a state (your inner centre) from which your awareness can expand beyond the experience you are having, even the ones you regard as most challenging. This expanded awareness is a state of creative potential that exists in every level of your being and in every area of your life including wellbeing, relationship, abundance and creative expression’.

Sacred Soul Mentoring

Do you ever wonder why your life circumstance is the way it is? Do you want to find out why? Do you want to find a ‘better way’?

If you are feeling stuck; at a crossroad in life; on a self-healing journey; need help illuminating blind spots, releasing old behavioural patterns, or gaining clarity in terms of purpose and direction, these mentoring/coaching sessions can help unwind your tangled, desires, fears, thoughts and feelings and connect you to your truth.

The Soul centered nature you were born with has a purpose for your life. Aligning with and expressing this purpose is your Destiny. In many ways the ‘spiritual path’ is the path of undoing the fear based distortions we have developed about who we are and what we our purpose for being here is.

Soul centered transformation happens from the inside out. It arises naturally through expansion of the awareness that outer world experience is always reflecting something about inner self orientation.

This deeply acknowledging and encouraging mentoring process is designed to support you to discover the interconnecting points between those things occurring in your physical and psycho-emotional experience. These points reflect the extent to which we are aligned with our true nature and purpose.

They often reveal a need for healing – an expansion of self awareness into areas of our lives where we are feeling stuck or lacking connection, direction and meaningful purpose.

Importantly, the ‘how’ to resolve or ‘make peace’ with life’s challenges whether in terms of wellbeing, relationship or creative expression, is to reach a transcendental point of realisation as to ‘why’ it has arisen in the first place.

This Program unfolds in 3 stages:

The first stage is an inner exploration of what is immediately needed to ‘clear your slate’ so speak – to get . the clarity to more deeply realize any patterns that are blocking and limiting your ability to access your inner guidance system as the source of your innate creativity and to identify any resistance to it.

The second stage is designed to unveil a new vision for your specific life need whether in terms of relationship, wellbeing, creative expression or abundance.

The third stage is designed to anchor this into your experience.

Sacred Soul Mentoring will support you to: 

Heal and resolve the conditioning of your ‘past’

Discover deeper levels of self acceptance and emotional well being

Develop inner resources to make better choices and navigate your way through life

Develop more empowering and rewarding relationships

Discover more meaningful creative expression

Experience more peaceful self acceptance, and abundant fulfilment

Mentoring Sessions: 3 x 75 min session Package A$390 (to be taken within 2 months). 5×75 mins session Package A$597 (to be taken within 3 months)  (10x75min package A997 (to be taken within 12 moinths)). By skype or zoom worldwide. I work with a limited number of clients per month. To book a Program please contact me. I will send you a short questionnaire to ensure we are a good fit. To arrange a free 20minute exploratory consultation, please

Life Vision’ Coaching Programs

These are longer, more intensive ‘Life Vision Coaching programs are for those going through an awakening or healing crisis through which they are needing need to discover (recover) an authentic sense of self and purpose in terms of relationship, wellbeing or creative expression; healers, teachers and way-showers wanting to find or expand their unique ‘right way’ to share their gifts. Each program is designed and tailored to your particular needs and desired outcome.

Programs include:

Full Soul Centered Mentoring Program

Regular weekly (or other scheduled) sessions thereafter

Assignments such as journaling, exercises or ceremonies that support our underlying work together 

* Email or SMS support (I will usually respond within 24 hours) 

* Between session developmental work, practices and exercises 

and much more… 

To discuss a ‘Life Vision Coaching program, please: