Andrew Solomon Healing 

‘The sole purpose of life is the Soul purpose’

Sometimes it is hard to be human!

 Our lives are uniquely different and whilst always offering growth are not always easy.Coping with everyday life can be increasing challenging as the contrast between old paradigms of living and relating and what is being newly demanded, accelerates. This is changing our relationships with everything particularly for those feeling an inner calling to expand out of old paradigms.


Are you on a path of self discovery or healing whether from broken body, heart or loss of meaning and purpose for your life? If so, your immediate path of healing is a calling to expand yourself anew, to discover that deep within our every challenge liese a seed of regeneration and rebirth.

The more we develop and grow the more we perceive things differently. For some this can feel like an unbridgeable ‘gap’ between personal  and collective perception. For sensitives, intuitives and empaths the experience of conflicting frequencies can feel overwhelming!

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