The development of true self awareness requires the realisation of the nature of the Soul Self and its unique, yet interconnected purpose.

These books offer a unique metaphysical context and perspective on human experience that supports the development of spiritual seekers, by revealing the hidden psycho-emotional patterns that play out in every human experience.  They reveal the common denominators and interwoven threads between new (quantum) science, sacred spirituality and modern psychology.

They explore the interwoven connections between the human mind-set and experience that transcends any theology. They reveal the master keys to discovering our Soul presence and purpose that exists with that connection.


This is an exploration of the multi-dimensional nature of dis-ease and healing designed for both those on on a path of self healing as well as those already working as healers in some way.

Whilst we experience ourselves and as a physical body, we also have emotional, mental and causal or spiritual bodies.

The time honoured healing traditions and philosophies of east and west have taken different paths. The western way more focused on fixing symptoms, the eastern way perhaps more nuanced in terms of recognizing the unseen interconnections between our energy bodies and the forces of cause-effect that play out in different levels of our being.

Whilst both approaches have much to offer to really explore the causal (spiritual) levels of dis-ease and healing, we must go deeper into new fields of quantum science which in so many ways is revealing the greater truths about the nature of reality and our human role in its unfolding.

We as individuals and collectively are in great need of healing. Our greatest challenges are existential. Whether as an emerging energy (spiritual) healer or not, to understand the ‘spiritual’ nature of self’ healing’ is the ‘spiritual path’ of every human being.

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DIMENSIONS OF LOVE – The Power and Purpose of Relationship 

We are all, in our own unique ways, seekers of Love. Love is the source of our greatest joy and pleasure, yet it can also seem the source of our greatest pain. What is love? What does love really mean? Why is it so tantalising, yet so elusive. Why does it appear and disappear, often somehow out of reach?

Why does it seem to be so hard for us to get on with each other? Why is it that we are attracted to some and repelled by others?

Are human relationships just a matter of apples and oranges; or is there a state in which we can all truly transcend differences and truly relate and connect with each other?

This book is a deep exploration of the nature of the meta-physics of relationship the Unified (Quantum) Field and the possibility that it exists as the state of Creation itself. As this is an interconnected and all embracing field this book examines what this could mean for us both individually a

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This book is a deep exploration of the multi-dimensional nature of creation and the unlimited creative potential of every being that exists beyond our self limiting beliefs about what ‘creativity’ is and who has (or does not have it.

It is an examination of the Unified (Quantum) Field as an interconnected and all embracing field that reflects the state of Creation itself. It is an examination of the meta-physics of our individual and collective human experience, indivisible as it is from the greater Source Field.

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“Thank you for these profoundly revealing observations of the creative potential that we all have.” (Rick Alexander, Sydney)


Whether sensed as intuition, gut instinct or otherwise; we all have an in built inner guidance system that operates 24/7. Inner Guidance arises through Soul Presence. It is a subtle inner frequency unlike the denser frequency of physical experience, that even if we do not consciously discern, hear or feel above the chatter and clatter of ‘outer’ world activity, has a purpose—a destiny!

Understanding the unique configuration and purpose of your inner guidance system and how to sense it is the first step toward the realization of your your true life purpose—your destiny! Learning to align with the heart centered frequency of your Soul presence and follow its prompts offers new levels of meaning, purpose and fulfilment in our lives. If you are new to discovering your inner guidance system, want to deepen your understanding of it or yearn to connect more deeply with it, this powerful and transformational book will support you in awakening to, understanding and unlocking its secrets.

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“Wow! I feel transformed, even though I think it may take a while for it all to totally sink in” (Rick Alexander, Sydney)

BEING OF LIGHT- The Golden SoulWay into the World of Light

A deep dive down the rabbit hole into the metaphysics of the interconnected Omniverse and the dynamics of creation of the Will and purpose that is ever present beyond any perception of a separated existence.

A unique exploration of the metaphysics of mind, energy, matter, sound, light, time and space not as forces disconnected from us but rather as indivisible aspects of the gravity locality of purposeful experience. An examination of the contrasting yet potentially self similar dynamics of Human mind and Omniversal Mind including the nature and purpose of relationship, the nature of immortality, the alchemy of creational purpose and much, much more.

Above all, this book offers a shift from a separation and limitation based perspective to a greater awareness of unbreakable connection and multidimensional existence that is the SoulWay expansion into a Being of Light.

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“Wow-Radical Spirituality! ‘You can’t find this clarity in any other spiritual literature that I have read—and I’ve read them all!.” (Ted Blackall, Avalon, Sydney)

This book is totally unique and enormously empowering and has given me an amazing resource (PK, Sydney)


This is a powerful tool for awakening to the ‘spiritual path’ of remembering the ever present Soul connection that dwells within every Human whether consciously or not.

Centered on the paradox that every human being experiences–why we seek deeper connection with each other yet often seem confounded by difference , this is an investigation into the endless inter-personal inner conflict we all experience that plays out through the ongoing conflict in human affairs; why even if some way forward to finding a solution appears on the horizon of possibility, it somehow never happens.

We have perhaps become accustomed to think this conflict normal, even natural—but it is not! Whilst it is difficult to acknowledge a ‘shadow’ side of our nature we all at some point come face to face with it. Even so, everything can change in an instant through the ever-present potential for personal alchemy – the transmutation of fear into Love – that can reframe the way we perceive ourselves and give meaning and purpose to our lives. This potential gives all of us the opportunity to choose a more harmonious balanced and co-creative way of being and relating.

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“Thank you for your incredible and deeply enlightening work containing so much penetrating information and uncovering so many egoic mind-set thinking patterns.” (Kathleen Caldwell, Adelaide)

Thrilling and shocking, yet practical and pragmatic.” (Ted Blackall, Sydney)

I find your way of seeing and explaining the world so uplifting.” (JR, Melbourne)


A collection of ‘Metaphysical Musings‘ that offer metaphysical perspectives on the human condition, and particularly, the conditioning that limits the human experience.

A central theme is how our perception of ourselves as disconnected entities plays out in the seemingly different, polarized aspects of human experience, including our relationship to our own body-mind selves, each other, the natural world, its life streams as well as our place in the wider cosmos.

These pieces explore both the light and the ‘darker’ often unacknowledged and habitual dynamics and motivations that operate below ordinary conscious perception, delving also into these tumultuous times when much of the knowledge and assumptions upon which our lives, societies and civilizations, have been structured are being found to no longer be true or sustainable.

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“Ruthlessly insightful! Confronting and uplifting! Feeling both shaken and stirred!” (Ted Blackall, Sydney)