Hello fellow expolrers,

Beyond any perception of human experience lies the ‘Everything-Something Paradox’ – This is that we are both uniquely ‘Something’ and at the same time undivided from ‘Everything’.

The ‘Everything’ is our underlying, interconnected reality known as the quantum or unified field, which because it is unconditionally all encompassing represents is what I call the ‘Singularity’.

The essential interconnection point within each of us can be thought of as our ‘Soul’. As a unique expression of ‘Everything’ experiencing itself as ‘Something’ we are here to be both ‘physically’ and ‘non-physically’ focused – to experience both the tangibility of physical form as well as the intangibility of the Soul Purpose of our experience.

Yet once we begin to perceive ourselves as ‘something’, it can seem as if nothing exists beyond the something that can be perceived. In other words, our perception of the ‘Everything-Something Paradox’ can morph into a ‘Something-Nothing Paradox’.

This is a pervasive idea that nothing exists beyond the something – That every-thing has an existence quite independent and separate to every-thing else.

Simply put, this idea is a ‘Separation Thought’ that reveals itself in many ways. It is in the experience of yearning for deeper connection with others yet instead finding apparently irreconcilable ‘difference’. It is in the desire for success in individual endeavor only to find its fruits feel less than. Indeed, Separation Thought leads us into a maze of ‘Polarities’ – a seemingly adversarial battleground within which we can lose touch with our real reason for being.

Yet it is the very pain of difference, meaninglessness and un-fulfillment that eventually leads us on the path of unlocking the Everything-Something Paradox. The path of remembering that we are essentially part of ‘Everything’ holds the key to unlocking the mystery of the meaning and purpose of our existence. It offers new context, a new paradigm of life. It is the very essence of the ‘spiritual path’.

Beyond Something-Nothing perception, Soul is ever present, ever patiently pulsing its presence and purpose. It’s invitation is to remember to live our lives as a Soul centered ‘Something’ with a unique purpose, for that is our true Destiny.

And this is when life really gets interesting!

Until next time…