Sometimes it’s hard to be human!

Our lives are uniquely different and whilst always offering growth are not always easy. Everyday life can feel increasingly challenging as the contrast between old paradigms of living and relating and what is being newly demanded and created is changing our relationship with everything.

For some, particularly the sensitive, intuitive and empathic among us the contrast between personal and collective perception can feel overwhelming!

Are you on a path of healing? Whether healing from broken body, heart or mind or seeking a deeper meaning and purpose for your life, your immediate calling is to expand your perception of your past, your life circumstance and sense of self. so that your awareness can expand through every experience you have, even those you regard as most challenging. 

To be willing to change old, self limiting perceptions is to begin to discover that deep within every challenge there lies a seed of regeneration and rebirth.


‘The sole purpose of life is the Soul purpose’



An inner ‘calling’ to healing can arise spontaneously from within. It can happen when we reach an impasse, even a rock bottom point that turns life upside down and stops us continuing to perceive and live the way we used to.

No matter which way a ‘calling’ arises – even in the darkest of hours – the way forward can be ‘up’ – to grow and expand beyond limiting beliefs. It simply requires a willingness to change the way we look at ourselves and our lives.

An intuitive empath by nature, my often difficult life path has been as a seeker of spiritual Truth. As an intuitive healer and sacred Soul coach of personal transformation through my unique work ‘healing through awareness’, I will help you to find the connections between your habitual beliefs that began to form in childhood and associated patterns of thought and feeling that are obscuring the inner Soul centered nature of your being and preventing you from living the Soul inspired life you came to live.

I have realized that beyond ordinary perception, Primary Source (Spirit/God) is ever present in our lives. Whilst we seem able to deny or resist it, the only real path of growth is through learning to access our in built inner guuidance system and consciously realize our heart centred Soul connection to Source.

I have realized that only through this is the greater meaning and purpose for our lives revealed. We need only be we willing to pay attention and allow ourselves to receive and extend its impulse in everyday life. This enriches not only our own experience but also the lives of those we deeply connect with. As we shift into new levels of alignment with Soul presence, our relationship to (and with) everything expands and we realize there is much more – that our true power is immeasurable!




I know there is no ‘right way’ for everyone but I know there is a ‘right’ way’; for you!

If you are feeling life has lost meaning and purpose or called to heal, redefine and become the wise man/woman way shower that you truly are then whether through individual or group work, classes or books I would love to support you to transform your life experience and find your heart centred calling in your unique way.


Andrew Solomon

‘Thank you Andrew for the fresh pathways you have opened up. I like your work as you have travelled and explored a new narrative that more people can relate to without religious baggage.’ (Sig Taubert, Sydney)

‘Thank YOU Andrew for your love, care, generosity of Spirit and patience in supporting who I am and for your belief in who I can be’. (Irene Paine, Sydney)

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