Welcome to Andrew Solomon Healing, where you can change your mind and change your life.

Rediscover your deeply authentic self and align with your unique life purpose, your true destiny.

Sometimes being human can be challenging, especially when we feel like we don’t fit in and need to conceal our true selves from judgment. Many of us have experienced the frustration of not finding our place and yearning for something more meaningful, something that seems just out of reach in the external world.

This yearning is often sparked by loss or suffering, prompting us to question the status quo and reevaluate our values and priorities.

As is often the case for those of us who are naturally sensitive or empathic we have been taught that these qualities are weaknesses or defects. This can lead to a deep inner turmoil, making us question our own identity.

Yet here’s the twist – by embracing our natural qualities we learn that they are our innate superpowers! We rediscover our true selves!



There’s no predefined path to awakening and expressing our authentic selves – it can only be discovered from within, intuitively. That’s where I come in. Let me assist you in uncovering your unique pathway and embracing your true identity.As someone who has embraced my own calling, I am here to help. Whether you’re going through a spontaneous awakening, navigating relationship changes, seeking wellbeing and abundance, or transitioning into the elder stage of life, I can guide you in recreating your life and uncovering your unique path.

I know there is no ‘right way’ for everyone. But I know there is a right way for you.


With over 25 years of experience as a qualified counsellor, hypnotherapist, energy healer, and spiritual psychotherapist, I have guided countless individuals on their path of self-transformation.

Through my unique intuitive sessions, we will explore life issues such as relationships, work, and abundance, uncovering the connections between outer life issues and self-limiting beliefs and behaviors. Experience profound insight, inspiration, and realisation of your greater potential in all aspects of life.

Together, we will embark on a profound journey of self-acceptance, a deeper connection with your inner guidance, while being supported with many practical tools for transformation.


Insight – Inspiration – Direction – Purpose

Are you feeling life has lost meaning and purpose? Feeling called to redefine yourself as the wise woman or man you truly are?

Receive profound insight, inspiration and realisation and transform your perception of life. This will give you direction in connecting with your heart centered calling in your unique way.

My passion and heartfelt intention is to be a guide in illuminating your path to abundance, wellbeing, creativity, and more meaningful relationships.