There is no ‘right way’ for everyone yet there is a right path for you!

We all face challenges stemming from past traumas that have left unfulfilled needs in terms of well-being, relationships, abundance, and purpose. The deepest of these needs is the desire to embody our true power and express our unique gifts in the world.

If you are experiencing a sense of loss and purpose, or feeling an inner calling to redefine yourself and become the wise woman or man you truly are, I am here to offer my unwavering support on your path of transformation.

Together, we can shift your perception of life, rediscover and reconnect with your heart-centered calling in a way that is truly unique to you.

As a qualified counsellor, hypnotherapist, energy healer and spiritual psychotherapist, I have been privileged to work with many people over the last 25 years on their path of self-transformation and watch how quickly it can happen.



My personal Sessions will support you to reclaim your deeply authentic self and align with your unique life purpose, your true destiny. Self-transformation happens from the inside out!

Directed by my intuition, deep knowledge of psycho-spiritual healing and metaphysics, sessions are designed to explore life issues such as relationship, work or abundance.

Uncovering the connections between outer life issues and self-limiting beliefs and behaviours brings greater-self acceptance and awareness of your inner guiding power.

Supported with practical tools for transformation this will bring the inner certainty and clarity to light your way forward.

All Private Healing Sessions Are…

♦  1 Hour via Zoom World Wide

♦  A$100

♦ Bookings can be made via link below

“Andrew is an excellent counselor and mentor to people who are in the process of making meaning of their circumstances and reclaiming their lives.”   (Petrea King, Quest for Life Foundation)


“Thank you Andrew for the beautful healing session. It was so nurturing, enlightening and inspiring. I feel profoundly different today!” (Maya, Sydney)

‘Heartfelt thanks for the fresh pathways you have opened up. I like your work as you have travelled and explored a new narrative that more people can relate to without religious baggage.’ (Sig Taubert, Sydney)


“Thank YOU Andrew for your love, care, generosity of Spirit and patience in supporting who I am and for your belief in who I can be.” (Irene Paine, Sydney)

“Andrew’s ability to zoom in to patterns that I haven’t been able to uncover for myself is astounding.

So much that has been running me, in the background of my life, I now feel free and liberated from.

He has been a gentle yet determined guide for me. Many call themeselves ‘healers’ yet fall short of the name.

Andrew is a true healer, a real gem! I can never thank you enough!” (Carole M)