Impelled as a conscientious objector to leave my civil war-torn country of birth in my early twenties I made a new start in my adopted country. Not long after I had begun to into my new life it suddenly erupted through a spontaneous ‘out of body’ experience. One Sunday afternoon I suddenly found myself somewhere above the ceiling looking dispassionately at my physical body in the room I was in. I knew without a shadow of doubt I had a consciousness that was freely and completely independent of that body. Only in a moment of wondering if I would return to it, that with a big shock, I did!

This experience literally turned my life upside down. It totally disrupted my sense of ‘self’ and sparked a deep need to understand it. But in that day and age I found no easy answer amidst the demands of everyday life. Although I did not realise it at the time, this was my ‘wake up’ call! 

Spurred on by a new relationship, I found myself in Australia some years later where I again had to make a new start. Eventually qualifying in Australian law, I began a career as a corporate lawyer. My inner call to understand life’s big questions had not dimmed. Those years felt as if I was trying to ride two bicycles! Life kept pushing me to open my heart to the nature I had masked behind an inauthentic ‘shadow’ I began to see that as a naturally sensitive, intuitive child, I had spent my early years trying to fit into a world I did not resonate with. I had learned painfully that I was not okay as I was, I spent years making poor life choices in trying to be ‘who’ others thought I should be.

I gradually began to realise I was repeatedly held back by an unconscious denial of my empathic nature. I began to see how in trying to protect my empathic nature in a challenging world, I had shifted from being ‘heart’ centered to ‘head centered!

This required me to retrace my steps–to begin to undo the beliefs and behavioural patterns I had developed to cope with painful childhood experiences. My healing occurred organically from within through self-observation, reflection and help from others. I felt called to deeply explore my mind-body-spirit connection anew. I took up transcendental meditation and explored different fields of personal growth and human potential. By realigning with the impulse and channel of inner guidance I found creative ways through challenges in terms of direction, purpose, relationship and expression.

I became an intense student and later teacher of the existential psychotherapy and its metaphysics that is ‘A Course in Miracles’. I studied in mystery schools with some of the great Spiritual Masters culminating in my meeting my Guru and Master Teacher at which point my journey of self-dIscovery developed real traction. I qualified as a counsellor, hypnotherapist and in several modalities of energy healing including as a Reiki Master developing a profound understanding of psychosomatic links to dis-ease.

Along the way I have come to understand that beyond individual perception, the transcendent common denominator of existence is our unique yet indivisibly interconnected source and purpose. And that despite my many ups and downs, I have always been tied to its presence. I believe that if we are willing to pay attention and allow ourselves to receive and extend its impulse the greater meaning and purpose for our lives is revealed. 

I am dedicated to supporting others on their unique journey into Soul centred recognition of who you are and came to be. My journey has lead me to creating my core work: ‘Healing through Awareness’ my unique take on the alchemy of personal transformation which I am now recording through several books. I share my work through a blog and offer intuitive healing and mentoring sessions and classes centered on the metaphysics of being human.

By developing our innate inner guidance system and realizing our true nature and purpose as a Soul centered Self we can heal our perceptions of our ‘past’. This frees us to enrich and expand not only our individual experience but to share ourselves more deeply and authentically with our wider human collective. I have no doubt of our innate ability to co-create a fully awakened, inclusive, cooperative and harmonious world in which all live the greatest potential for their incarnation.