As an intuitive empath, I struggled early in life to reconcile my innate sensitivity, open heartedness, and ability to discern subtle frequencies of energy, with my outer world experience.

I learned painfully that I did not ‘fit in’, that I was not okay as I was. Like so many I tried to become someone I was not, in order to cope. I was particularly challenged to understand why I was surrounded by so much familial and societal conflict.

Unable to get satisfactory answers to my many questions, I began a lifelong search to understand the world I experienced and find my true place and purpose in it.

Feeling impelled to leave my civil-wartorn country of birth, my search erupted in my early twenties through a spontaneous ‘out of body’ experience that literally turned my life upside down. It fundamentally disrupted my sense of ‘self’ and sparked an even deeper drive to discover the mysteries of life.

The way forward was not easy. My growth occurred organically from within through self-reflection and observation, discovering my channel of inner guidance and working through many challenges in terms of direction, purpose, relationship andmexpression.

Life kept pushing me to open my heart to my true nature that I had masked behind an inauthentic ‘shadow’ self. 

First through time in England then via new relationships to Sydney, Australia I struggled to make my way through an abortive start as a trainee accountant, ‘would be’ businessman, before requalifying in law and starting a long career as a corporate lawyer in Sydney. During this latter stage, I became a student and eventually a teacher of the existential psychotherapy that is ‘A Course in Miracles’.

Along my ‘self’ healing journey I repeatedly came up against my denial of my empathic nature. I had in effect moved from ‘heart’ centred to ‘head’ centred. My self limiting belief patterns drove me to less than optimal life choices. This required me to retrace my steps:  to undo the childhood beliefs and behavioural patterns I had developed to cope with my sometimes painful childhood experiences.

This called me to deeply explore the mind-body-spirit connections to human potential through metaphysics and diverse fields of energy and spiritual healing. I became a certified counsellor, hypnotherapist and multi-modal energy healer. I developed a profound understanding of spiritual psychotherapy, psychosomatic links to dis-ease and the way of personal alchemy.

I studied in mystery schools with some of the great Spiritual Masters which culminated in my meeting my Guru and Master Teacher at which point the work of rediscovering myself developed real traction.

I have come to understand that beyond individual perception, the transcendent common denominator of existence is our unique yet indivisibly interconnected source and purpose. Through this I become increasingly aware of the impulse of my own inner guidance system and that despite my many ups and downs, I have always been tied to its presence.

I have realized that only through this is the greater meaning and purpose revealed in every human life if we are willing to pay attention and allow ourselves to receive and extend its impulse in our lives.

This has lead me to create my core work: ‘Healing through Soul Awareness’. To find personal transformation through developing our innate inner guidance system and realizing the true Soul Self and its purpose allows us to heal our perceptions of our ‘past’. This frees us not only to enrich and expand our individual experience but to share ourselves more deeply and authentically with our wider human collective and beyond.

I am dedicated to supporting others on their unique journey of ‘Healing through Awareness’ to Soul centred recognition of who you are and came to be.

I offer 1:1 spiritual healing and mentoring, teaching programs and a monthly blog based on my own work which is also now recorded through the several books I have written. These offer a unique perspective on the meta-physics of human experience and its unlimited potential and include ‘Prose & Cons’ ; ‘The metaphysics of Soul Self empowerment’ ; ‘Being of Light – The Soul Way through the World of Light’; ‘The Power and Purpose of Inner Guidance’;  The Imperative of Creation’ and ‘Dimensions of Love – The Power and Purpose of Relationship’; ‘The Principles & Practice of Spiritual Healing’ and ‘Healing Through Awareness – Breaking the self sabotage cycle’.