Intuitive Healing Sessions


These Sessions are designed to explore present life issues or challenges, uncover unwanted self limiting beliefs and shift self sabotaging patterns of behaviour so that you can be and live the deeply authentic life you came to live.

 I hold a non-judgmental, confidential space that supports you to connect with your deepest sense of self. The blueprint for each session is founded through an intention for your highest good; unpacked and directed through my intuition and inspired by the impulse of our spirit guides.

As an intuitive empath with a natural ability to read subtle frequencies of energy and attune to higher states of being, I draw from an extensive ‘toolbox’  of psycho-spiritual and subtle etheric energy healing techniques to convey transmissions of light and love to inspire your healing and expansion into new levels of clarity and self awareness.

My dedication is for you receive the profound insights and realisations that expand your awareness of the greater potential that exists on every level of your life including wellbeing, relationship, and abundance.

Even the slightest shift in your perceptual field can Light up your life.

By Skype or Zoom worldwide. A$100 (60 mins)

“Andrew is an excellent counselor and mentor to people who are in the process of reclaiming their lives and making meaning of their circumstances.” (Petrea King, Quest for Life Foundation)

Thank you Andrew for the beautiful healing session. It was so nurturing, enlightening and inspirational and I feel profoundly different today. (Maya, Sydney)