Hi, I am Andrew Solomon

Sometimes it can feel hard to be human, particularly if you feel you do not fit into the world and need to hide the real ‘you’ from the judgment of others. This is often the case for those of us who are naturally sensitive or empathic who have been taught it is a weakness (even defect) that is not viable in the world. You may even have hidden yourself so well or be experiencing such inner turmoil that you are unsure who you really are anymore! The twist is that once embraced such qualities become a true super-power!

Many of us have felt the frustration of not fitting in as an inner yearning for real meaning or calling to a purpose we cannot find a match for in the outer world and always seems out of sight! This can sometimes be triggered by an experience of loss or life transition that forces us to question the status quo, re-evaluate our beliefs, values and priorities and awaken to a new sense of self’.

We are all wired in our unique way. There is no external roadmap for awakening and becoming who you truly are. It can only be discovered intuitively from within.

Following my ever-expanding calling has been the story of my life, so this is where I can help… I work with those spontaneously awakening to their inner calling or through transitions in relationship, wellbeing, abundance or simply into the elder stage of life, want to recreate their lives anew.


There is no ‘right’ way for everyone – but there is a ‘right way for you.


If you are feeling your life has lost meaning and purpose or called to redefine yourself and become the wise woman or man that you truly are I would love to inspire a transformation of your perception of life and support you to express your heart centered calling in your unique way.

Andrew Solomon


‘Heartfelt thanks for the fresh pathways you have opened up. I like your work as you have travelled and explored a new narrative that more people can relate to without religious baggage.’ (Sig Taubert, Sydney)

‘Thank YOU Andrew for your love, care, generosity of Spirit and patience in supporting who I am and for your belief in who I can be’. (Irene Paine, Sydney)

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