Expanding or Recycling same old…

Dear fellow explorers,

As we set forth into the 2020 experience it is very much a time to step into a new vision for our lives.

The energies have already offered a tumultuous start that above many other things reflects a call to remember our interconnected, Soul centered nature.

For some of us a new year translates into ‘new year resolutions’: to be or do things that represent a positive change from what was. A resolution generally represents a goal with a plan for an outcome. An outcome is an expectation which (depending on our level of intention and focus) we are more or less attached to the achievement of.

We have probably tried this before. Yet whilst we may like to think we make our lives happen, it is also likely that none of us can look back a few years and say that life has turned out exactly as we had planned!

This is because whilst a calendar year represents a cycle that may seem a linear experience, the energy of creation does not move in linear cycles. Rather it moves in dynamic, multi-dimensional spirals of contraction and expansion.

The Omniversal Energy Field’ is holographic in nature. It is unconditionally all encompassing and embracing. The whole is in every part and every part contains the whole. Its every aspect down to its most subtle sub-atomic nuance is a microcosm of a macrocosm.

Even as you reach for your morning ‘cuppa’, your energy field emits measurable gravitational waves that reflect the coalescence of countless frequencies of the mind (intention) and energy of matter.

The Omniversal Energy Field is self initiating. Like a mighty river, it has a purpose for being and knows where it is going. As a unique yet indivisible aspect of it, your Soul essence, has a purpose for being and knows where it is going.

This reveals that the value of any resolution lies in its underlying Intention.

Soul Impulse reflects the ‘self sharing’ nature of the Omniversal Field. Soul Impulse cannot be expressed by self servingSeparation Thought (Intention). For this seems to splits us off from Soul center and distort the underlying ‘interconnectedness’ of Omniversal reality.

Separation Thought projects the perception of a specific yet opposing and ever changing spectrum of polarities. Separated Intention recycles itself through an apparently linear life of Separated experience – a non-stop array of irreconcilable likes and dislikes: ‘you not me… this not that… here not there… then not now… this cause not that effect…

Separated Intention projects outcomes based on Attachments to one polarity or another. Split off from Soul Center, these outcomes produce experiences that are predetermined by the Emptiness of that Intention.

However, as nothing exists outside the Omniversal Field, it is one of unconditional non-attachment.

The human ‘you’ is designed as the arms and legs of Soul Center. In Soul terms, achievement is measured through expansion, not only by way of outer achievement but through inner growth. This is only possible through Soul Centered Intention.

A vision projected without Inner Soul Centered Guidance is called a ‘plan’. Yet the mind that allows itself to play from Soul Centeredness does not need to plan in a linear way. The Soul Centered self is not entangled with that which defines the ‘past’ of the Separated Self and projects its ‘future’. It has no need to plan for a ‘future’ as there is no ‘future’ that is not present within the potential of the Now Moment.

Receiving and following through on Soul Centered Guidance requires a level of ‘detachment’ from outcomes, a relinquishment of expectation. Detachment does not mean disconnection. It means the opposite! Non-attachment is true connection because it transcends any polarities of Separation Thought.

As such, the transcendental ‘new years’ resolution’ is to align with the momentum of a Soul centered vision and maintain focus on it without attachment.

Getting into the presence of the Now Moment is what brings Soul Centered vision into our lives. This means getting present to what Inner Guidance is asking of us in each Now Moment and extending it in whichever way it works for each of us.

As the potential of its purpose and destination is unknowable in its entirety, the way of the mystic is to learn to love uncertainty and live in the mystery of the Now Moment.

What could your 2020 year look like? What may have started as the greatest of your new year resolutions can represent a new beginning in a much bigger game that has no ‘end date’ or limit in terms of its potential.

Until next time… happy envisioning…