Dear fellow explorers,

As we head toward the closure of the cycle of 2019 I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you. I hope it’s been a year to remember for all the right reasons.

Each year unfolds as a progression of personal and collective ‘Rituals’ (Rites). A calendar in and of itself reflects a ritual. If not already begun this is for many a time of Christmas centred ritual; for others, less so.

Ritual is an integral part of personal and collective experience. It shows up in some way in all our behavioural patterns. There is some form of personal ritual happening as we clean and dress ourselves, make a cuppa or eat a meal. There is some form of ritual (rite) going on in every interaction and gathering.

Yet the value of ritual stems not so much from the form, but in the intention in which it is conceived and engaged. In turn, the quality of our intention depends on the quality of our mindfulness.

Mindfulness has heart centred intention and conveys a frequency of energy that is sharable Now... Self serving intention does not.

This means ritual can be a mindful reinforcement of ‘Now moment’ connectedness. Or; it can be used to project separation, based on past judgments and reinforce future division.

It is the choice (intention) held by each individual that adds to or subtracts from the collective experience. I’m sure we have all experienced the difference on many occasions.

The end of every cycle is a phase of contraction – a time to wind down inwardly before a new phase of expansion. 2019 has been a tumultuous time in so many ways. 2020 promises to be even more so!

Until then, wishing you Christmas rituals filled with heart-mind felt happiness…