Giving to Receive?

Hello fellow explorers,

If you are anything like me, trying to find the balance between giving and receiving has been a lifelong journey.

To find balance asks questions of us in so many ways. In every moment of interaction whether through relationship; work; recreation; creative expression or otherwise, others are asking to receive. What one feels able to give often seems limited. There are so many permutations of how to be – what to say and do in a particular situation. News feeds stream a litany of instances of imbalance. It can all feel so overwhelmingly tempting to just focus on #1!

Yet when all is said and done, giving and receiving are sides of the same coin. The Giving<>Receiving principle is simply an expression of the ‘Feminine<>Masculine Principle’. This is the magnetic feminine principle and electric masculine principle of life force energy.

The balance of this principle is found in the equilibrium of the unified Source Field. It is the dynamic balance between contractive being and expansionary becoming that enables the dance of ever inter-changing configurations of the particles, atoms, elements and molecules of matter.

More tangibly it is in the eco systems of the natural world. It is in the co2 we breathe out and the o2 we breathe in. It is in the balance of our blood pressure. It is in the contraction and expansion of our joints and in our hands that open and shut in a daily ritual of giving and receiving. It is at the heart of every human experience, bar none. It arises in our every relationship transaction. It is in the active and the passive aspects of communication – our verbal and non verbal speaking and listening.

Yet how much are we really aware of this in our everyday life?  Although we most consciously give and receive physically, emotionally and mentally; balance must also be found at the existential or Soul level of being. One might read or hear of ‘spiritual’ sayings such as ‘it is in giving that we receive’ or ‘you can’t out give the universe’… Yet everyday ‘role models’ are hard to find. It is easier to think ‘that’s sounds true’ and move on to something else!

Most of us experience some imbalance between Giving and Receiving. It may be big it may be small. We like to give but feel hesitant to receive. Or we like to receive but have a resistance to giving.

Ultimately imbalance only arises through Separation Perception. This occurs through feeling disconnected from Soul center. Separation Perception is fear based. We fear to fully give of ourselves and we fear to fully receive from others.

This drives the attachments we have to most everything about ourselves and lives. The outcomes we want are generally predicated on attachments. We are attached to having what we want. We are attached to not being without what we want! The cost is high, for attachment is central to every experience of frustration, anger, disappointment, pain, despair, depression…

The great paradox is that the Giving<>Receiving principle reflects the state of the unified Source Field; one of ‘non-attachment’. So the less Attachment we have to giving – the more fulfilling it is. The less resistance (Attachment) to receiving – the more fulfilling it is.

Balance in Giving<>Receiving can only arise from balanced intention. This balance arises through being mind-fully present to what is happening ‘Now’. Only this allows inner guidance from Soul Center to flow through the ‘Now’ moment.

What this might look like in a particular situation cannot be pre-determined. That would indicate attachment! Yet if we were to eschew any theology and focus only on finding balance in Giving<>Receiving it would represent a complete spiritual practice in itself.

So as we approach that time of year when expectations of Giving<>Receiving seem particularly emphasized, it is of great value to quietly reflect on how we feel about it.

Next time you are talking to someone, you might notice how you are in speaking versus listening. Next time you buy or receive something, you might notice how your mind subtly evaluates the Giving<>Receiving equation. What constitutes value for money may not be what constitutes value for you? The energy of Giving<>Receiving Equilibrium is the unconditional state of perfect ‘share-ability’. We might well find the real joy comes not from what’s under the gift wrapping but simply through the share-ability of a heartfelt moment with another.

Till next time…