Hello fellow explorers,

The thing about our everyday experience is that it is not happening completely independently of us. It is entangled with our perception of it. So how does this work?

We have thoughts and feelings about our physical experience. We interpret and give meaning to it. Giving meaning to things allows us to develop our ‘perception’ of our experience. In this way we inwardly define ourselves and give meaning to our relationship with our outer world.

The meaning we give to ourselves and the world we perceive represents our unique belief system. A common assumption is that things come with meaning attached to them. We have names for our physical selves, planet earth and its life streams, for the sun and moon and starry observable universe and some of their component parts. We learn their names and perceive their given meaning through family, schooling and peers. If we want to know someone else’s given meaning of something we can just ‘Google’ it!

Yet whilst to some extent we have a commonality of human experience, we also have uniquely different perspectives and beliefs about it. Given names offer a slice of meaning but do they ever come close to revealing the totality of your sensory perception of them?

At some point every-thing is given a particular meaning based only on someone else’s unique perception of it. As we all like to be right, it is easy to see why rarely two people can arrive at precisely the same meaning. A debate on anything can run to endless argument and counter-argument on precisely what meaning should be given to it. This means that at the end of the day it is up to each of us to evaluate the meaning given by others and see whether it feels right or not.

Worldly perception is generally framed around physical and psycho-emotional levels of sensory experience. This offers only a limited level of awareness. Yet beyond these is a less tangible, existential, causal or ‘spiritual level’ that is beyond perception.

A Something-Nothing perspective of the world offers a limited level of awareness. Something-Nothing perception gives rise to an apparently adversarial battleground of opposing polarities such as fear-love, lack-abundance, powerless-powerful, unworthiness-worthiness. These are key currencies in a battle of perception that comes with conditions, attachment and expectations.

It is not hard to see that our inter-personal relationships are often based on a subtle and not so subtle manipulation of perception. Social media can be a network of diverse perception. Politicians contrive to influence others to their way of perceiving things and seed fear about the opposition. Businesses strive to influence others to their products and services and distinguish their brand from others. Countless ‘causes’ seek followers and subscribers. The multi-media constantly invent new ways to influence perception. Indeed, being an ‘Influencer’ is now regarded as an entrepreneurial pathway to ‘fast track’ success.

Yet behind the ‘perceptual scene’ human awareness is multi-dimensional and potentially unlimited. The spiritual dimension of sensory experience is the Soul center. It is our ’Master Sense’ of sensory experience. It holds the power of our Soul centered Inner Guidance. Only through this can we expand our self awareness of our Soul-human experience. It transcends any other level of awareness we may think we have. It is the ‘royal road’ to the infinite possibility of ‘Everything’.

Exploring the Everything-Something is the ‘spiritual path’ to expanding into new ‘spiritual’ dimensions of awareness. It offers the ability to choose our perception of reality irrespective of circumstances. As we expand our perception we expand our ‘inner awareness’ of ourselves and our relationship to ‘outer others’. This means expanding the way we perceive ourselves and others beyond the adversarial.

So, if we each have a uniquely different perspective of experience, what meaning are you giving to your life and the things around you? How are you perceiving yourself and those you are in relationship with? How are you interpreting your feelings? What meaning are you giving to the opinions and beliefs of others…?

Answers are not important, as there is no right answer. The value of questioning our perception of things is not about getting an answer it’s about observing the response we feel within ourselves by asking.

Check in with your Master Sense, your own Soul centered Inner Guidance system. Right now, you have the power to transform your perception of any and every aspect of your life experience irrespective of circumstances.

Until next time…
Love, Andrew