Hello fellow explorers,

Last month we looked at how exploring the ‘Everything-Something’ paradox is the ‘spiritual path’ to expanding into new dimensions of awareness of reality.

Old science and religion have long competed in terms of defining the origin and nature of human existence. Sometimes this definition comes from a perspective of the Something-Nothing paradox. Sometimes it comes from assuming some separation between ‘Something’ and ‘Everything’. Yet our understanding of ‘Everything’ has expanded to the extent that new (quantum) science is matching the teachings of sacred spirituality: that ‘Everything’ is a quantum (unified) Source Field. This has some profound implications!

Firstly, a ‘unified’ Source Field is one in which everything is always inter-connected inter-related and inter-dependent on everything else. The key point is that is all embracing. There is no limit to it. There is nothing that exists outside of it!
Secondly, a unified Field is both ‘Source’ (cause) and effect of itself. For there can be no effect without a cause (and vice versa). As cause and effect are indivisible, there is no point at which Source (cause) ends and its effects begin. This means there is also always a point at which an effect itself becomes a cause–of a new effect!

Thirdly, thanks to the more empirical investigation of Einstein and others we can realize the constant and equivalent relationship (E=MC2) relationship between energy and the matter (mass) of the material world does not stop there. The indivisibility of every particle, atom and element of matter and energy in the Source Field extends to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Our brain waves are routinely scanned; our very thoughts have a measurable mass.

We each have a unique energy field that can be imaged and seen changing in response to mental and emotional activity.
The indivisibility of cause-effect means the energy of the Source Field has intelligence. For it conveys a causal will that effects its purpose that is reflected in its existence. This means Energy is indivisible from what we call ‘mind’. The ‘Mind’ of Source is energy. Energy is mind and goes where the Mind of Source (will) directs (its purpose). As the unified Source Field is holographic in nature, our own will and purpose is at a fundamental level interconnected with the cause-effect of the will and purpose of Source.

This yields an unalterable conclusion, matched by both (quantum) physics and the great spiritual masters: Because perceived experience has both inner and outer aspects; there is nothing going on in our outer world independently of what is occurring in our inner world!

This raises fundamental and potentially life changing questions about the nature and purpose of our existence. For it  means the power of our minds—our own will and purpose can be directed to perceiving and experiencing ourselves as a unique Something’ part of ‘Everything’ or to losing ourselves in a ‘Something’ beyond which there is ‘Nothing’.

This can feel overwhelming, because to accept that there is nothing truly outside of ourselves (and our minds) means there is really no one else to blame for our circumstances. It means we have to ‘own’ and take responsibility for our own experience.

Even so, realizing the indivisibility of cause-effect in terms of will and purpose is a portal through which all spiritual seekers must pass at some point along the journey of Soul.

As at a fundamental level, there is nothing in all creation we are not interconnected with, the potential to expand into new dimensions of awareness depends upon restoring to our own minds the true power of causation. This happens through alignment with our own unique Soul interconnection point and its impulse that runs through our inner guidance system.

I realize this is one is a big bite yet if you are able to digest, it will provide the platform for further conversations in this newsletter series.
Until next time…