Hello fellow explorers,

We are receivers and interpreters of incoming frequencies of information reflected through our everyday experience. Through our response to it, we form beliefs about ourselves, and accrue knowledge about our capabilities, limitations and direction.

Where does this information come from? From what source are our beliefs formed? That commonly termed ‘knowledge’ is generally information interpreted by an outer ‘authority’: familial; cultural, peer; societal, educational, religious, scientific etc.

Who is the Authority in your life?

We are experiencing a world in which a diverse range of outer authorities compete for the attention of human perception. Some offer ‘information’ on the origin and purpose of our lives and world in which we live. Others project often polarizing views through cultural, political, socio-economic and commercial media. Such ‘influencers’ compete to tell us our ‘identity’ and relative value and status in the world and the ‘right way’ to deploy our bodies, minds and life force energy.

Disparity abounds

There is no consensus to be found. The polarities of separation based perception are evident everywhere. Adversarial conflict, lack of creative collaboration and stalemate are the order of the day. Truly human, rights are hard to find.

Governing’ authorities tell us who we must be and what we can and cannot do, within the confines of particular systems. Yet still there is imbalance. In every authoritarian system there are forces striving for freedom from repression. In every democratic system there are forces striving for the repression of freedoms.

All this dictates that our own personal self empowerment can only come through the development of inner self reliance. This is not to say we should not learn from others and other sources. Yet if we accept information or take on the beliefs of some other authority without discernment, self reflection and the development of deep inner knowing we are invariably disempowered.

This disempowerment is not that we don’t know anything, but that what we do know is not completely our own direct knowledge. Therefore it is not ‘self empowering’. It is at best indirect recycled second, third-hand knowledge that is really no knowledge at all!

We may read the physical facts and figures on the outer dimensions and attributes of the sun without looking at it. We can sit in its presence and deeply attune to its inner being. We can do both – in which case what we have read will reflect but a fraction of what we sense of its presence deep in our own hearts.

The Authority of the Soul Self

The real Authority for our lives cannot be found outside ourselves, by selecting a better leader or making a better system. It can only be found in the Authority of the Soul Self, the powerful equilibrium of our Soul Center that is indivisible from all that is. This Authority arises as we develop our own inner knowledge of the nature and purpose for our being through direct experience.

The interpretation of moment to moment experience through Inner Guidance gives us Soul Centered Identity. It gives us real ‘response-ability’ ! It enables us to discern the ‘value’ of the information we are receiving, transcendent of the polarities and motivations of mundane perception.

Soul Centered Authority is our only true ‘quality control’ system and means of discerning truth from ‘fake news’! The more we ‘get present’ to it and listen up, the more we can sense and act upon it’s guiding Impulse.

Soul’s in Charge

The greatest of self delusions is that the self serving (separated) egoic self, is the true authoritythat it is running the show. Yet all it does is run interference on the Soul’s show! This is why, despite our efforts to plan our lives to the ‘nth’ degree, we can at any time reflect that we never imagined our lives would turn out this way!

So much information ‘out there’ is made up, reflecting nothing but the thoughts and opinions of others. Why should it be given more value than your own? What could possibly be the value in outsourcing the authority for your life – your very sense of self – to the opining of others?

It is way too easy to be distracted by the ‘look over here-there’ calls and be manipulated by ‘information’ projected by others, after all that’s what parents do when raising little children! And how much of what you believed when you were ‘9’, do you still believe today?

To be our own Soul Centered Authority requires routinely questioning the beliefs that are forming about our lives. This is vitally important in these times, for there is an escalating battle of human perception. It is escalating, not so much because it is new, but because it is becoming increasingly apparent, not least because the ability to project and manipulate human perception has expanded through new technologies and social media.

What value in outsourcing the Authority for your life to an app?

Technology is a tool not a god. What value in yearning for artificial intelligence when deep within the energy field of a single brain cell is a microcosm of the intelligence of the entire universe? Of course this message applies to this message! So please receive only what feels in your own heart-mind to be true and ‘unsubscribe’ the rest.

Until next time… wishing you ever expanding discernment on your inner quest to add an ‘h’ to your ‘app-iness