A ‘Reset Point’

Dear fellow explorers,

Wow! What an extraordinary time of environmental, social, economic and political upheaval we have been (and are now) experiencing, both individually and collectively!

From our unprecedented recently past fires, storms and floods, to our newly unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, to goodness knows what else may be coming down the ‘pipeline’!

COVID-19 is challenging us all on a physical level. It is challenging us psycho-emotionally and it is challenging us existentially. No corner of the world, no aspect of human life or expression is untouched.

It is producing such contrast between inner and outer sensory experience that it is stretching us to the limit. It is challenging our usual assumptions of things like cause and effect and many others. It is exposing every polarity of separation perception personally, socially, politically and economically.

It is bringing up our ’Stuff’ in every possible way! Even as we are feeling separate in ourselves and from others as a ‘separated self’, we are being required to ‘self isolate’. Even as the collective will demands social restrictions for the greater good’, we feel and see the resistance of individual will: Please do this… No, I will do that…

It has become clear to me that COVID-19 is a fundamental reset point for humanity.

We are all in this COVID-19 reset together. Yet we are in unchartered waters. There is no guarantee on how, when, or even ‘if’ this will end. We can have no expectations.  There is no guarantee that life as we may now recall it will ever entirely resume ‘normal’ service…

There are many contrasting levels of this for us to to experience and explore, especially the greater context for our lives that: We are all inseparable aspects of a Singular Omniverse – an omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent ‘Singular Source Energy Field’ which remains undisturbed.

Singularity is always in balance as its essential Equilibrium enables the endless sustaining of it. As a ‘Singularity’ every aspect mirrors itself which means our every inner and outer sensory experience contains at some level, a reflection of our relative alignment to Singularity.

Perhaps this COVID-19 reset reflects an Omniversal calling to remember our Singularly interconnected, inter-related and inter-dependent heritage – to remember that we are not disconnected from each other; to get to know ourselves as we truly are as opposed to the self we think we are… In this, our current need for self isolation represents the greatest of cosmic jokes!

Perhaps COVID-19 is reflecting that as a human collective, we have become unsustainably ‘self serving’; that we have individually and collectively reached an unsustainably ‘self destructive’ level of not caring about each other; the Earth and its life streams – If so, this COVID-19 reset is a Singular calling for us, individually and collectively, to become more ‘self sharing’.

This Singular calling is from the omnipresence of our very existence which, for each of us represents our ’Soul Center’. This means each one of us has a unique Soul Centered, ‘spiritual path’ of growth in and through these challenging times.

The way of this calling through current social isolation represents an opportunity to go deeply inward – to reflect, contemplate, imagine and re-envision our lives individually and collectively, not as separated parts, but as parts of a greater whole.

This is, of course very challenging to our ordinary (separated) way of perceiving reality. The ’stuff’ we are feeling right Now reflects our feelings of disconnection, lack of support, lack of deep meaning and purpose that stem from Separation Thought.

This ’stuff’ reflects the ‘Emptiness’ of the ‘separated self’ we perceive ourselves, and sense as originating somewhere in our ‘past’ (attributed to childhood challenge, abuse, trauma or otherwise), which we try to project as something to be fixed in our ‘future’.

The ways of the ‘separated self’ (denial, anger and projection) are becoming increasingly self destructive and can only take us into even darker times.

The big challenge is that Separation Thought produces associations of feeling and thought based habitual behaviours that merely reinforce that Thought.

We don’t like to feel because of the Emptiness our ‘stuff’’ represents. So we try to rationalize it; to ‘think it away’ through different Separation Thoughts.

This was tellingly (and hilariously) reflected recently as our collective perception by a world leader who stated that: ‘feeling’ is not a good ‘thought’ process!!!

Our everyday coping behaviours are becoming increasingly less effective. We can try to ‘medicate’ our stuff away through our individual behavioural attachments and addictions, whether by binge consuming this or binge watching that. Yet whilst these things may momentarily take the edge off the extremes of what we are feeling, unless our underlying mind set changes, there can be no real relief.

Beyond perception, there is nothing that is separated from anything else. Beyond perception, the thoughts and feelings of our stuff are inseparable. So it is not possible just to ‘think’ our way through this COVID-19 reset point’, we have to ‘feel’ it too. And, we have to process what we are feeling!

As Singularity is omnipresent, this cannot happen in a ‘future’. It can only happen ‘Now’ – through the omnipresence of this Now Moment

Whilst we generally process Emptiness by projecting (seeing) it as a ‘fault’ in another person or thing, the fast track to healing from the Emptiness of Separation Thought and bring balance to our life experience, requires something very different.

For, as Singularity is omnipresent, healing cannot happen in a ‘future’. It can only happen Now’ in the omnipresence of this Now Moment. The ‘fast track’ to healing requires us to get deeply present to our Now Moment experience – to allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling Now without judgment and without trying to make it go away. This enables us to observe our moments of denial and become aware of the ways in which we project our Emptiness onto others.

This fast track to healing calls us to become more in service to each other. By taking the focus off ‘self serving’ ourselves; by letting go (forgiving) our judgments and resentment of others; we shift into new levels of acceptance of self and others and discover countless ways in which we can be more ‘Soul Self sharing’.

Getting present to what is in our heart, restores connection with our Inner Guidance and unlocks an untapped reservoir of Soul Centered creativity. Through this, we discover new levels of empathy and compassion; of cooperation and collaboration and abilities to assist and support others who are doing it tough. Through this, we open our minds to hitherto unimagined ways of living and growing together. As we do so, the growth of the individual expands the collective which in turn supports the individual to grow.

Indeed, this Singular COVID-19 calling offers potential for the heralding of a new dawn of human awareness – a new ‘golden age’ for humanity – not in terms of a better material world as we have known it but rather as a shared co-creative experience, founded in a greater awareness of our Singular heritage.

On many levels, seen and unseen, we really are all in this together.

So, until next time, please stay present and stay safe!

Sending much love and well wishes.