What are you really worth?

Hello dear fellow explorers,

As someone who grew up experiencing a lot of unworthiness, I can look back and see how that both shaped and limited my life experience in many different ways. At some point along my own many years on my spiritual path, I began to realize that pretty well everyone on the planet is, in her or his unique way, working with and through the same thing!

A great paradox in our lives is that as kids we are encouraged to develop ‘self worth’. Yet which ‘self’ is it that we are talking about?

The only unconditional answer I’ve found lies in the quantum premise that we are all unique yet indivisible aspects of one, all encompassing and embracing ‘Singularity’. This ‘All that is’, this ‘Omniversal Energy Field’ is always unconditionally complete within itself. As there is nothing outside of it, it represents a state of ‘non-attachment’. This means it is also a state of ‘non judgment’!

As unique yet indivisible aspects of the ‘Singularity’, our true ‘Self’ can only be our ‘Soul Centered Self’.

Lack of self worth, reflects ‘self judgment’. Yet as the Singular ‘All that is’ represents a state of non-judgment, it cannot forgive, because it cannot judge!

This means the self that lacks worth cannot be the ‘Soul Centered Self’ – It can only be a sense of ‘self’ we have that has forgotten our Soul Center and feels separate it – a ’Separated Self’.

As the ’Separated Self arises only in the forgetting of Soul Center, it reflects a sense of ‘Emptiness’ about our being and our lives. This is that sense of lack of disconnection; that uneasy anxiety; that sense of something missing in our lives.

The Separated Self loves its Separated Will yet hates its Emptiness in equal measure. It projects its love for itself by seeking ‘Separated Self worth’, yet its Emptiness precludes it from unconditionally accepting itself. There is no Other that can prove to the Separated Self that it is worthy, because its Emptiness tells it – it is not!

This Emptiness is the root cause of all of our feelings of ‘unworthiness’, however they may be described, defined or interpreted.

Because the Singular ‘All that is’ reflects a state of Unconditional Love, our issues with self worth are ultimately about being worthy of Love. The essence of the fear of not ‘being enough’ of not ‘having enough’ is of not ‘being worthy’ of ‘Love’.

You are unique in all the worlds. There is no being exactly like you. The‘All that is’ cannot judge one more worthy than another. Adversely comparing oneself with other is but a judgment of oneself. Seeking approval of another is mission impossible.

Real ‘Self worth’ can only be claimed by each of us here and now. It can only be given to you, by you. There is no one else. There is nothing coming in the ‘future’, whether imagined in terms of bucket list achievement; a ‘right one’ or otherwise, that can ever evidence your ‘worth’ to you. It is simply not possible!

We can do it because it is already our natural state. As immutably Soul Centered beings, we are already worthy. We have never been without it. Whilst we may seem able to forget this for a moment, it cannot ever, ever be taken from us.

If you are already feeling worthy, or feeling more worthy that you used to that is great. Yet there is always more. Unconditional Love is infinite. It is the spiritual path, to be and become ever more deeply the embodiment of Love.

We just have to keep reminding ourselves to believe it! We just have to keeping looking more deeply for the unique ‘All that is’ in each other.

Until next time… please, please be kind you yourself…